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Our physiotherapy practice is fromRecognized by all health and accident insurance companies. Physiotherapy treatments prescribed by a doctor are included in basic insurance. In order for your health insurance or accident insurance to cover the costs, you need aPhysiotherapy prescription.The physical therapy prescription can be issued by a doctor, dentist or chiropractor. The prices are based on the cantonal health insurance tariff.

Formedical massage we have an EMR accreditation. This is recognized by many supplementary insurance companies and does not require a doctor's prescription.

If you do not have insurance that covers the costs, you can also have the treatmentspay privately. The cost is for bothPhysiotherapy, massage, manual therapy or trigger point therapy CHF 60.-per treatment.
A treatment takes 25-30 minutes.

In Dietlikon, our patients have the opportunityPhysio fitness subscriptionto solve. This costsCHF 75 per month. Every 3rd month you benefit from a check-up appointment with a physiotherapist.

We also sell various products that are very useful for self-treatment at home.

wobble board CHF 20,-
cable CHF 15,-
Theraband CHF 5 per meter
Kinesiotape CHF 10 per roll
Black roll CHF 30,-
Blackroll Ball.jpg
Black roll ball CHF 10,-
Black roll double ball CHF 20,-
Flossing Band CHF 20,-
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