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How long does physiotherapy treatment last?

In our physiotherapy practices inDietlikon&Munchwilenthe treatment time is 30 minutes   including undressing and dressing. During this time, the therapy takes place and appointments can be made, but we recommend you through our very simpleOnline appointment calendarmake the appointments.

How long is my physiotherapy prescription valid?

A physiotherapy prescription is valid for three months. It is important that you book the first appointment within five weeks of the date of issue - otherwise the regulation expires. 

Can you go to physiotherapy without a doctor's prescription?

Of course! Private payers/private patients are also very welcome! The tariff for 30 minutes of physiotherapy is 60 CHF and for 60 minutes = 120 CHF.

How many treatments does a doctor's prescription cover?

Most often, a prescription for9 treatmentsissued. Sometimes the doctor prescribes fewer sessions. After completion of the first series (usually 9 sessions), the doctor can issue up to three follow-up prescriptions (each for 9 treatments) per case.


If the patient, therapist and treating doctor consider it advisable to continue physiotherapy after 4 series (i.e. a total of 36 treatments), an extension of the physiotherapy is applied for by means of a cost approval from the health insurance company or the accident insurance company. This cost commitment/extension of the therapy is checked by a medical officer of the insurer. A decision will then be made as to whether further treatments will be covered by the insurer.

An alternative for chronic diseases is a long-term prescription (permanent prescription). This "special" prescription must be issued by the doctor and is then also assessed by the health insurance company and accepted depending on the case. In this case, physiotherapy is then not prescribed for a certain number of sessions (e.g. 9) but for a certain period of time (e.g. 2 sessions per week for the next 6 months).

How often do you have to go to physiotherapy?

It is not possible to give a specific number in general, because a lot depends on the complexity of the problem or the diagnosis or if there are side effects. Usually you can count on 9 to 18 sessions, but sometimes more. However, we will try to get you fit again as quickly as possible. Depending on the problem, one or two therapy sessions take place per week.

Can I decide for myself where I want to go to therapy?

Naturally! In Switzerland you are free to choose your therapist. You can therefore decide for yourself where and with whom you can be treated, regardless of your insurance status.

Another important point is that if, for example, you have already started physiotherapy elsewhere, you can switch to another physiotherapy practice at any time.

What happens if I miss a therapy session?

If you cancel 24 hours before the appointment by telephone, answering machine or e-mail, the appointment can be postponed. However, if you do not keep the 24 hours or forget the appointment, we will charge you for the session privately (not through your health insurance company).

Who bears the costs for physiotherapy?

The costs for physiotherapy are covered by your basic health insurance or by your accident insurance. For this, the doctor (can also be a dentist or chiropractor) must give you a prescription for physical therapy.

After the physiotherapeutic treatment has been completed, we will invoice your health insurance/accident insurance electronically. 

What does the assumption of costs for an MTT look like?

The MTT orMedical trainings therapy  is a targeted workout to achieve muscle building, rehabilitation after injury and/or for bending. 

Most of the time, the doctor's prescription for MTT is issued for two or three months and you can train during this period. The costs are covered by basic insurance.

After completing the medical training therapy, you can continue your training program with us by taking out a fitness subscription. 

Can I choose who treats me?

You can easily select the therapist using our online appointment tool or tell us who you can be treated by on site. Our therapists have a variety of specializations in order to be able to optimally treat a very wide range of diagnoses. 

I only want to be treated by a woman or a man, is that possible?

That is possible! In both of our physiotherapy practices (Dietlikon and Münchwilen), our physio teams consist of physiotherapists.

You can easily select the therapist using our online appointment tool or tell us on site whether you would rather be treated by a woman or a man.

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